Laundry detergents PAREX

Laundry detergents PAREX

Laundry detergents PAREX

Our company HANAH MARIAH s.r.o. is the operator of PAR EXCELLENCE shop and e-shop and is the largest Czech importer and seller of branded, high quality, noble fabrics. Since 2000 we have been striving to provide our clients with the highest level of service.

All this time we have been concerned that adequate care is not available in the Czech Republic for these noble materials. Our customers are people who appreciate clothes made of the finest and noblest fabrics and such fabrics require and deserve adequate care at the highest level. It makes no sense to spend a lot of money on expensive and noble materials or clothes made from them only to ruin them with cheap all-purpose detergents. At a time when our customers were increasingly complaining that they were clueless in caring not only for our materials but also for luxury branded clothing, we knew it was almost our duty to help them solve this problem.

That's why, after a thorough analysis of the global detergent market, we teamed up with the world's leading manufacturer of specialty detergents, a German family-owned company with a 50-year tradition, and launched detergents in the Czech Republic under the own brand PAR EXCELLENCE.

This range of detergents has been developed for the most refined materials. It respects the needs of each individual textile fibre type and gives it everything each individual fibre needs. Their genius lies in the fact that each type of this detergent is specifically designed and manufactured for a particular type of textile fibre and is therefore, to the maximum extent possible, capable of not only cleaning but also treating that fibre exactly as it requires.

This is the main reason why using a special PAREX detergent will keep your clothes soft, supple and their colours as bright and vibrant for a long time as they were before the first wash.

If you want your clothes to look like new for a long time, use only the special PAREX detergent for the type of material and follow the care instructions exactly as they are indicated on each package.

We have launched 4 types of PAREX special laundry detergent to cover all types of the finest materials on our market.

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