Jersey, also knit, whatever. Good servant, bad master. Why such a categorical label?

Because there are few fabrics as versatile and comfortable to wear. But a simple glance on the street gives us many examples of how much harm can be done to the figure by their improper use. There are customers who do not want to buy anything else, regardless of whether it is fit for purpose. On the other hand, I often hear "Jersey on me? No way, I don't have the figure for it..."

Well, first of all - we all have a shape, and certainly no shape precludes using knitwear. It's always about what kind, what cut and for what occasion.

Do you have a light viscose or even silk knit? Great, it will make a great wrap dress (very flattering on more baroque figures, by the way) or a lightweight fancy tunic. It can even be highly social, shimmering, almost "flowing" or with various effects. You can play around with that too! Forget about hugging you, it also sculpts what isn't there.

Do you fancy a mid-weight wool or cashmere jersey? Well hooray, enjoy a simple sheath or A-line dress, a skirt that's slim, but feel free to go bell-shaped. And don't forget jackets that look like a blazer but feel like a sweater! And that's a cool touch! And watch out, some of the guys in this category can handle pants too! A good cut and maybe some interesting grafting...and you've got a great look. And it's comfy!

And then there are thick knits, coarser, with texture or pile, even double-faced.  So in order: a jacket, a cardigan, a cape, a chunky sweater, a warm skirt, even a coat...did we forget anything?

Sure, we haven't dealt with the sporting uses, all those cotton or functional knits for t-shirts, padding for sweatshirts and sweatpants, and many others... But that's totally not our thing, we do sort of gravitate towards the luxury and elegant fashion segment.

Avoid inappropriate cuts (a tiny strip of knitted fabric as a skirt is really not the right thing) and don't be shy to ask. You know what model you would like, and we know what we sell and how to use it!

So if you're craving a knit, I say YES! Apart from being comfortable to wear, comfortable, and not wrinkling, it has another undeniable advantage: it can be washed (see other articles for how to wash it). Just keep in mind the main thing: it always comes down to this... but I already wrote that above.

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